TITLE Budesonide-loaded bilosomes as a targeted delivery therapeutic approach against acute lung injury in rats
AUTHOR Heba F. Salem , Ghada Abdelsabour Moubarak , Adel A. Ali , A.A. Salama , Alaa H. Salama
YEAR 2022
JOURNAL Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Budesonide (BUD), a glucocorticoids drug, inhibits all steps in the inflammatory response. It can reduce and treat inflammation and other symptoms associated with acute lung injury such as COVID-19. Loading BUD into bilosomes could boost its therapeutic activity, and lessen its frequent administration and side effects. Different bilosomal formulations were prepared where the independent variables were Lipid type (Cholesterol, Phospholipon 80H, L-alpha phosphatidylcholine, and Lipoid S45), bile salt type (Na cholate and Na deoxycholate), and drug concentration (10, 20 mg). The measured responses were: vesicle size, entrapment efficiency, and release efficiency. One optimum formulation (composed of cholesterol, Na cholate, and 10 mg of BUD) was selected and investigated for its anti-inflammatory efficacy in vivo using Wistar albino male rats. Randomly allocated rats were distributed into four groups: The first: normal control group and received intranasal saline, the second one acted as the acute lung injury model received intranasal single dose of 2 mg/kg potassium dichromate (PD). Whereas the third and fourth groups received the market product (Pulmicort® nebulising suspension 0.5 mg/ml) and the optimized formulation (0.5 mg/kg; intranasal) for 7 days after PD instillation, respectively Results showed that the optimized formulation decreased the pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF-α, and TGF-β contents as well as reduced PKC content in lung. These findings suggest the potentiality of BUD- loaded bilosomes for the treatment of acute lung injury with the ability of inhibiting the proinflammatory cytokines induced COVID-19

KEYWORDS bilosomes; glucocorticoids; COVID-19; inflammation; vesicular system; budesonide; potassium dichromate; acute lung injury; TGF-β/PKC; rats.
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