FTIR Microscopes

FTIR Microscopes


FTIR microscopy has generally been reserved for measuring specified samples such as small contaminants on polymer films or micro samples transferred to infrared transparent windows. The innovative IRT-5000/7000 Series FTIR Microscopes provide new functions that dramatically improve infrared micro-spectroscopy analyses. These FTIR microscope systems are used together with the FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 Series spectrometers, offering the most advanced microscopy and imaging systems.


Coupling JASCO’s proven technology for infrared spectroscopy with the most advanced optical design, the IRT-5000/7000 Series offer an ideal solution for the most challenging sample analyses.

IRT-5000 Series Specification

IRT-7000 Series Specification

IRT-5000/7000 series

IRT-1000 : The IRT-1000 in-compartment FTIR microscope provides simple analysis of microscopic samples.

IRT-5000 : The IRT-5000 is an innovative FTIR microscope with powerful sample identification and imaging.

IRT-1000 : The IRT-7000 16 element linear array microscope for fast imaging and kinetics.

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