FTIR Spectroscopy

FTIR Spectroscopy

It is classified into a total of three models, from the most basic models, 4X to even more high-end 6X and 8X models.

4X - As a result of downsizing, the size is only 386(W) x 479(D)mm, and the power consumption is 30% lower than before.High resolution, high S/N, high sensitivity detector, extended wave measurement, multi-channel microscope and rapid scanning are available. The sample room is 200mm wide, the same as the large equipment, and large accessories, including third-party products, can be used.

Product Specification

FTIR-X series

FTIR-4X : FTIR-4X has high specification, but it's the most compact and basic model.

FTIR-6X : FTIR-6X with superior performance, functionality and fiexibility providing the optimal solution

FTIR-8X : FTIR-8X is Out of all the models, the best specifications.

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