Raman Microscopes

Raman Imaging & Spectroscopy

The NRS Series of confocal Raman imaging microscopes includes three different optical configurations; the easy to use, yet powerful NRS-4500, with up to three laser wavelengths (wide range, from visible to NIR) including the common dual laser 532/785nm configuration).

The sophisticated NRS-5000 Series, with 300mm spectrograph, offering higher spectral and spatial resolution with the use of dual spatial filtration (DSF) and the NRS-7000 Series with 500mm spectrograph and poly-dispersive options. Both the NRS-5000 and NRS-7000 can be configured with up to 8 lasers (9 wavelengths).

All models include Class 1 laser safety as standard and share the same comprehensive Spectra Manager™ Suite of measurement and micro-imaging software.

NRS-4500 Specification

NRS-5000 Series Specification

NRS-7000 Series Specification

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