Probe Raman Spectrometer

Probe Raman Spectrometer


→ The RMP-500 is a ‘field-rugged’ probe Raman spectrometer with a robust optical design and tolerance to being transported. The spectral performance (2cm-1)  is comparable to that of a conventional high resolution bench-top Raman system and offers many of the same features, such as interchangeable gratings for selecting wave number range and spectral resolution.


Spectra Manager™ Suite simplifies data collection and analysis, and can be used with the optional KnowItAll® Informatics for library searching and user sample database creation.


The RMP-500 Series is a small, high-resolution Raman instrument that provides laboratory quality data in a compact field-rugged design.

Laser Wavelength

A single laser can be configured, with standard options, Each with matching edge filter.

1. RMP-510 – 532nm
2. RMP-520 – 785nm
3. RMP-530 – 1064nm


The grating can be selected according to the required wave number range of interest, with a carousel for selection of up to 4 gratings.

Fiber Optic Probes

Various types of fiber-optic probes can be used for remote in-situ measurement and reaction monitoring. With options for a simple measurement probe or with a camera for recording the sample image.


Optional microscope includes manual stage with camera for observation and recording sample images.

Spectra Manager™ Cross-Platform Software

Spectra Manager™ Suite for control and analysis (this can be used with a laptop for portable applications – a USB 2 connection is required).


Validation software is included.