SFC-4000 Analytical SFC

Analytical SFC System

The SFC-4000 analytical SFC is extremely flexible, and with multiple solvent options enables rapid screening of a range of columns using different solvent conditions completely automatically. The SFC-4000 has an option for up to three column ovens each with ten full sized columns; each with separate temperature control, great for combining chiral and achiral SFC in a single system. Take advantage of a PDA detector combined with the CD-4095 chiral detector to work up fast analytical methods for direct scale-up to semi-prep and prep separations of chiral compounds.

PU-4380 CO2Pump

The PU-4380-CO2 peltier temperature stabilized pump ensures the optimum conditions for pumping liquid CO2, there is no requirement for complicated pretreatment of CO2 and  a chiller is not required for cooling the pump heads. Automatic stop valves control the input and output of CO2.

Modifier Pumps

The PU-4180 modifier pump with optional 6 or 10 solvent selection for method development.

Column Temperature Control

CO-4060 column oven for accurate control (from below ambient up to 80 degC) with large space to accommodate six 4.6mm or 10mm columns (up to 300mm length), with optional column switching. The system can be configured with up to 3 ovens for different temperature zones and for multiple column options for chiral and achiral screening. The larger CO-4065 with internal column switching can be used with analytical and prep columns up to 3cm ID.

Back Pressure Regulator

The BP-4340 precision back pressure regulator is the best solution for maintaining super critical conditions with pressure fluctuations as low as 1.5 psi peak-to-peak. Dynamic control allows modifier gradients without changes in the back pressure applied to the column. Response is fast and accurate ensuring stable baselines even for trace level analysis.

Single Quadrapole Mass Spectrometer Detection with SFC

The SF-4000 analytical can be used with virtually any mass spectrometer working with ESI, APCI or APPI interface.

Instrument Control and Data Acquisition

The SFC-4000 system includes the ChromNAV data system – offering simple control for routine analytical separation through to complex method development with a range of enhanced reporting capabilities. Full GxP compliance and 21 CFR part 11.


ELSD and FID detection can be used by splitting a portion of flow to the inlet of the detector; these detectors are ideal for material that has no  chromophore such as in petrochemical or pharmaceutical analysis.

Advances SFC
  • UV-Visible - UV-4070/75 for dual wavelength 190 to 600nm (or 900nm).
  • Detector - Photometric Diode Array PDA-MD-4010, a 1024-element diode array for high sensitivity, trace analysis and component identification.
  • Chiral - The CD-4095 circular dichroism detector is the only chiral detector compatible with SFC and provides positive confirmation of enantiomeric separation. It can also be used to control chiral directed prep SFC.