ELSD Detector

Advantages of the UNIEX-7700 ELSD
  • Can be coupled to any HPLC system
  • Can detect any sample with lower volatility than the mobile phase
  • Can be used on both low and high temperature conditions
  • Nebulize and evaporate at lower temperature, sensitive to the thermally instable and semi-volatile compounds
  • Compatible with various HPLC solvent and gradients, no solvent peak interference
  • The auxiliary gas improves the detection sensitivity and helps to prevent the detection cell from pollution
  • Combination of laser and PMT offers the best performance and higher sensitivity

UNIEX-7700 Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD) is a universal detector newly launched by Unimicro Technologies of the United States .

Any sample with lower volatility than the mobile phase can be detected without the need for a chromophore. ELSD has higher sensitivity than refractive index detectors, is insensitive to temperature changes, and has a stable baseline. It is suitable for use with gradient elution liquid chromatography.

It has been widely used in the detection of carbohydrates, lipids, fatty acids, amino acids, drugs and polymers, especially in the determination of active ingredients of Chinese medicines and Chinese patent medicines without UV absorption .